'Later' presents

‘Later’ presents often set the tone for the year. Arriving after the hullaballoo of the festive season itself they sometimes seem to impart more meaning than those appearing in the scrum that is Christmas.

For me, the year never feels it truly starts until I have a calendar and a diary, and it’s always an Oxfam diary, although alas, its monthly pages to helpfully track expenses appear to have disappeared in favour of glossy world map pages. My Christmas present to myself has arrived in the post, a new iridescent Dosa blouse for a mere £30 (an update of the peach one I pictured years ago) and I’ve procured a few New Year bargains. This year it’s been a Dosa inspired double-breasted blouse (£1 from a local charity shop), additional organic unguents, cookery books at bargain prices (I’m guessing unwanted Christmas presents) and a giant wooden plant pot (again, a mere £1)…

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