The Book Jungle - St Leonards.


Pauline Boty

I went to see the Pauline Boty exhibition in Wolverhampton last week. Amazing (and what a treat to have the entire room to myself). The exhibition catalogue wasn’t ready so I have a good excuse to go back! I visited Birmingham too on the same day. It must be ten years since I was last in the city. Much changed but the amazing food market still exists and beats London’s chi chi food markets and their incessant bloggers hands down.



Ebay can still throw up the odd treasure. Vintage Indian bag with loose threads, worn embroidery, repairs and holes (plus a new shoulder strap) for a mere £2.20. Oh yes!


Earth, Music and Ecology

I couldn't resist buying something I spied with the best brand name ever: 'Earth, Music and Ecology'. Alas, that something doesn't fit ... a lesson learned!


Cockney Ding Dong

I am still in the kitchen... Cooking along to this and singing along to this (I’m a sucker for a beautifully illustrated book).


Happy 2013!

I was inspired at the tail-end of last year by the idea of putting resolutions in the present rather than the future tense (see here and here). However, instead of writing resolutions down, I’ve put them in pictorial form. 2013 is the year of mixing potions in the kitchen for me! Picture of the Taylor Camp in Kauai via Moon to Moon.