Spring Zing

Just a peek at first: ‘Wines’ and ‘Beers’.

Well, I’m not in need of that. ‘Orders’ ‘Promptly’ [‘Delivered’?]. Yes please! Raw food is the ultimate prompt delivery. Wouldn’t this ungentrified corner make an amazing raw hot spot?

With the upping of the temperature so my zest for all things healthy has zinged (zung?) back to life.


DIY #1: Coconut Oil

How Coconut-Oil Is Made from Clean Program on Vimeo.

Lovin’ the synchronicity. Thank you WLIR. In my ‘seasonal’ adventure I am missing coconuts. Badly. If you are allowed a ‘foreign’ treat or two amidst seasonal fare, then I think that coconuts will have to make an appearance in my world.

That said, I was pondering about raw, virgin, organic coconut oil/butter recently. I’m not sure about prices elsewhere in the world, but in the UK it’s not cheap, by a long stretch.

The first few steps in the enclosed video are eminently do-able. My hand-powered coconut machine makes scraping and breaking down the meat a doddle, my dehydrator dries the mush out superbly ... my only stumbling block is the final pressing stage. However, I have an inventive, ‘hands-on’, mechanically-minded brother. Excuse me whilst I make a call...