Minimalistic kick

I am still on my minimalistic kick and keen to rid my wardrobe of leather, wool, suede, silk, etc. If any of the below catch your fancy do leave your email address in the comments and I will send a brief description (inc. measurements) and more pictures should you want them. Paypal only, no returns and all items sent by recorded delivery (uk only I'm afraid) … be quick, or they will find their way onto ebay!

Brown striped wool-mix dress £14 (£4 p&p)

Brown wool and leather dress £15 (£4 p&p) & 'Richard Shops' wool dress £8 (£4 p&p)

Blue striped wool dress £10 (£4 p&p)

Puma Nuala suede and textile trainers £50 (£5 p&p) - RRP £140

Sonja Nuttall leather jacket £50 (£5 p&p) - RRP £300+

Curvy green wool coat £8 (£4 p&p)


Dead Sea Natural Black Mud Mask Soap

Sometimes my skin can be less than great, although thankfully this is restricted to the chin area (hormone related). This vegan, kosher and above all cheap bar of soap does everything that its supporters claim. Highly recommended.