Shopping is not my thing

I don’t like product placement in blogs (naming a lip gloss here, perfume there or woollen cap wherever is so not my thing). I like to read (or see) about the person and their life, rather than their shopping habits (although I do love a good book recommendation). However, Stella McCartney’s latest collection for Adidas has entranced me so much that I hope you’ll indulge me (just this once). I don’t make my own exercise clothes, but if I did, I’d love it if they looked like this ...
All photographs © Stella McCartney for Adidas 2008


Run and Become

There are many raw transformation stories out there, but Matt’s is a particular favourite of mine. His story and site so inspired me that last year (or was it the year before?) I went out and bought some running shoes and socks. I had flexibility and strength but cardiovascular fitness was my weak point in the sports triad. Instead of ignoring this I faced it head on. I’d never thought of myself as a runner, but if the raw vegan diet is life-changing then running is too. Even with the smallest of baby steps I have ‘run and become’ someone else entirely.


Buddhist Beads

A recent post by Rebecca Walker got me thinking. Two decades as a Buddhist. Me too (almost). Over the years there have been cushions, candles, incense and bells. They’ve served a purpose, but just recently it’s simply been about the beads, the floor and the breath. This summer has been particularly dreamy, but it’s time to let go and breathe into the incoming season. Autumn: I’m ready.