I’ve been subtly motivated by Momo on the other side of the world whose beautiful blog (plus Facebook and Instagram) I have followed for many years. We’ve become friends via the internet. At the end of last year her posts became even more luminous than ever. They weren’t lengthy or ponderous they just quietly and briefly spoke of the things, past and present that had and/or were affecting her: abuse, forgiveness, break-ups, life as a single parent, the search for meaningful work, beauty and the joy of small things.

I will be following her clear-headed, honest and inspirational lead in my own sporadic postings this year because if there’s anything to truly own, it’s our unique selves.

Pictures © Momo.



Books always used to be my one exception regarding the aim of a minimalistic life, but even that has seemingly changed. I noticed last year that rather than reading new (to me) books I was re-reading old treasures instead and I even caught myself admiring the lack of books in a friend’s house (her books had been removed only because she was decorating). It’s quite the turn-around for someone whose life has always been lived weaving and tripping through piles and piles of the things …

Pictured is one of my favourite finds from last year. Selling at £65 minimum for a new hardback copy on Amazon, I picked up this Dan Pearson beauty Spirit (not just new, but signed) for a £2 steal at one of my favourite haunts. It undoubtedly falls into the ‘treasure’ category.


Ayurvedic Tweaks

Small changes for January (and the year ahead). Gentle tweaks rather than stringent undertakings in this particularly unforgiving month. I can’t recommend highly enough for those on a similarly gentle path the books Eat Right for your Body Type (originally in paperback but now in hardback too) and A Pukka Life (don’t let the titles put you off as they did me for a while). Both published by Quadrille and inspired by Ayurveda they inspire with small but significant suggestions of dietary and seasonal substitutions. For these deep winter months? Warm sesame oil in the mouth, nasya oil to bring ‘lightness and clarity’ via the nasal passages and sleeping in just a little later in the morning … all eminently do-able in my world.


Surround yourself with beauty ...

Great feature in the Saturday papers on Twig (in Tetbury), a former bakery, now flower shop, which touched on various things that are important to me, especially roots and connection. The owner spoke about how she and her husband bought their beloved home, lost it (she kissed each and every wall goodbye) and then re-bought it. It was the same connective story about restoring the property, if you don’t do the work yourself, where is the connection? Quote of the article for me: ‘If you are a creative person and you want to be happy, it is up to you to push yourself and surround yourself with beauty’.


Happy New Year! Yes, I know I’m a day late, but it never really feels like the New Year to me until the sun shines … which it did today. New Year Resolution? It’s simply to continue on my journey of minimal consumption. That’s not to say that I intend to buy nothing this coming year, just that I want to continue and strengthen my efforts in purchasing only beautiful things that can stay with me, if not forever, then a considerably lengthy period of time. More soon …!

Picture © a d├ętacher (whose basket perfectly illustrates my point).