Circular Keys

I have never used a phone or satnav to make a journey and I’m much the same on the web. I love the way that finding something the old-fashioned way (if you can call the web old-fashioned), just browsing and clicking, here-there-and-everywhere, takes you on a journey, sometimes tedious, but oftentimes sweetly rewarding when you land upon a perfect little gem.

I was looking to make a Valentine’s day cake (late as ever in blogging about this) and as the day was so gloomy I wanted something evoking sunshine. I’d always been seduced by a picture of a lemon sponge cake with passion fruit icing from an Australian vegan blog called ‘The Fairest Feed’ which was hugely inspiring in turning me vegan. Alas, the link failed because the blog had been deleted. A big yeeeeeessss though to Wellsphere which turned up a significant part of the blog (including the aforementioned cake) should anyone want to read further and investigate the great recipes ...

A few more clicks led to stumbling upon Philippa’s music website (her band is called Circular Keys) and then swiftly onto her inspirational Tumblr and Flickr (superb greenery, cakes, crafting and cafes) and finally, saving the best until last, her Tumblr food blog and contact with Pippa herself … circular keys indeed.

All pics via or © Philippa O (with thanks).

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