Everyday Raw Desserts

Following on from my previous post (ahem, lecture) ...

As the temperature rises so does my raw percentage (in the most light-hearted of ways), so I thought some pictures from my most recent raw purchase might just fit the bill.

As is no doubt patently clear, I remain far more interested in eating locally than rawfully and Kenney’s recipes always seem to fit the bill for ‘local’ adaptations. For example, if you don’t want to use lemons I’ve found the juice of a sour cooking apple to work a treat (or start growing your own lemon tree). Similarly, and as I mentioned in my last post, try honey or stevia (grown from seed) mixed with rapeseed oil to make a liquid sweetener consistency similar to agave (as called for in various recipes).

Everyday Raw Desserts, following in the Kenney tradition, contains pictures which will have you drooling ... and no wheat, animal fats, refined sugar, etc. I love it!

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