I want ... #3

Space to think and breathe. #3 in my (very) occasional ‘I want…’ series. See #1 and #2 here and here.

Photo © Nightwood. First spied on the very lovely Renee’s blog.


shell said...

oh gosh...speechless.
i've been thinking recently about how i've kind of lost focus on what it is that i want, and ended up istead putting more energy into managing my (not so satisfied) feelings about what i actually get. Being clear about you want is actually so nourishing....and....that's how we get what we want!...
p.s. Your taste is impeccable ;P

Solar Oven said...

I'm totally with you on losing focus on what I want/need. It has been an occasional series because it feels materialistic and grabbing to say 'I want, I want, I want ...' but of course we all do it almost every minute of every day (we just try and pretend we don't!).

That said, I've realised the pattern in the three pictures is somewhat ridiculous! I want space and light and that's everywhere!!!!

Blogs are so useful for these kind of realisations. It was your beautiful and impeccable blog posts that started me off, so the deepest thank-you for that. Fxx