Seeds AND Donations

This post was going to be as English as they come and talk about our grey and gloomy weather. I have been shamed out of that by Momo’s recent post on the Australian weather. There is no comparison. Please donate in whatever way you can, especially now that the UK news seems to be bypassing the horrific conditions faced by so many Australians in favour of mere trivialities. Momo has set up a little site for donations and Momo being Momo, everything in it is exquisitely lovely.

More giving from me too. The weather may be gloomy (the only place I want to be is nestled inside an old-fashioned train running along the coastline to make it feel ‘romantic’) but sifting through seed catalogues and garden planning lets me at least dream in colour. I highly recommend (for those seeds you haven’t saved from last year) the biodynamic offerings from Stormy Hall. They are part of the Camphill Trust community who offer ‘opportunities for people with learning disabilities, mental health problems and other special needs to live, learn and work with others of all abilities in an atmosphere of mutual care and respect’. I also highly recommend Lunar Organics in Firle, who also sell Stormy Hall seeds, and my favourite lunar gardening calendar, which personally, I prefer to what some consider the classic guide.

Seedy Sundays are also forthcoming! Brighton (or to be more accurate, Hove) is on the 6th of February and other events are listed here

Finally, if you’re as deprived of light as me, some shots of beautiful NY autumnal light via The Selby’s feature on the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Brooklyn…


momo said...

I only noticed your comment today, sorry. And thank you for putting the link on your blog. I did sell two things and We have donated money so it all went well. At leaset I did something.
During hard time, I saw uncountless amazing actions here in Brisbane and I am really impressed. and I am one pround queenslander, I call myself now.

Solar Oven said...

Momo! So pleased to hear that you and your family are ok. If nobody else has bought the Japanese slippers book I'd be up for buying it! All best wishes, Fleur.