Liquid Feasting - Days 22-30

So, it’s all over. I completed the 30 days as planned ... The last few days, where I shamefully failed to update, were a mixture of water fasting (due to boredom with washing up the juicer 3x a day) and lazing around reading early issues of Get Fresh! (previously known as the Fresh Network News - they had an offer on, 2 for the price of 1, sadly now over).

It was the easiest stretch of fasting I’ve ever completed. Hemp and nettles are a magical combination. That said, apart from a few snatched moments of juicing euphoria, I didn’t really experience the sustained emotional high I’ve experienced from juicing previously. I think work was both a help and a hindrance this time around ...

Life experiences generally don’t come in neatly wrapped packages but attending a Buddhist lecture on the last day of the feast did just that. Everything was brought into focus:

‘The key to revolutionising our state of life is to revolutionise our hearts, our minds. This is most important. Where is the focus of our hearts? Are we striving to become healthier so that we can participate even more in activities ... [for peace, or simply for ourselves?] ... The results we produce are completely different depending on the focus of our hearts’.

Oh, and I spent the same afternoon frolicking amongst the bluebells ... a new path beckons...

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Neeta said...

Well done Fleur :-)
Love that picture of the bluebell woods xoxox