Liquid Feasting - Days 3-6

I can’t believe it’s day 6 already! There is so little to share (believe me, there really isn’t). I am still drinking just 3 pints a day of hemp, nettle, apple and celery juice. That’s it. I feel totally satisfied with both the drink and the intake. No cravings, no disturbances, no need for change. Tomorrow evening (as predicted for every 6 days or so) I will be having a classic raw combo (avocado, fresh dates and lemon) and then, I’m sure, I will happily jump back on the familiar nettle/hemp juice wagon.

Neeta and I have been bouncing emails back and forth about various topics. Her forthcoming e-book is about ‘making the switch’ from processed eating to a healthier diet, and she has asked me for any ideas and suggestions.

The image above, for me, is total inspiration. I have no idea where it originated, as it seems pretty rampant over the web, but it’s a wake-up call in the most graphic of ways, re. showing what an unhealthy body is like ... I was going to then type ‘on the inside’ but that’s where I think the problem starts. We (I use the term loosely) are so fixated on the external, aesthetic body (from skinnies in Vogue to the ‘big is beautiful’ brigade) that it’s almost forgotten that the external body is a mere covering to the inside. The inside and the outside are not divisible. This illustration drives that point home. The skeletons are not hugely different in bone size, but look at the distortions – the knees, the shoulders, the organs – on the larger scan. Images like this and the brilliant programme Jamie Oliver made a little while back on how nutrition impacts upon our vital organs (still available to view for those in the UK) are things that to me, should be far more widely promoted as a ‘wake-up’ call in helping to make the switch to healthy living.


Neeta said...

Fleur, thank you so much for sharing the link to Jamie's programme, it is brilliant and very brave of him to have made it and also the people who participated in it, bravo to them all!!!
Its wonderful, sin;t it - this guilt free feasting and following our own paths and needs :-)))))

Solar Oven said...

My pleasure Neeta, can't wait for the e-book! Yup, the 'guilt-free' feasting is proving to be quite the ticket ;) !!!