DIY #1: Coconut Oil

How Coconut-Oil Is Made from Clean Program on Vimeo.

Lovin’ the synchronicity. Thank you WLIR. In my ‘seasonal’ adventure I am missing coconuts. Badly. If you are allowed a ‘foreign’ treat or two amidst seasonal fare, then I think that coconuts will have to make an appearance in my world.

That said, I was pondering about raw, virgin, organic coconut oil/butter recently. I’m not sure about prices elsewhere in the world, but in the UK it’s not cheap, by a long stretch.

The first few steps in the enclosed video are eminently do-able. My hand-powered coconut machine makes scraping and breaking down the meat a doddle, my dehydrator dries the mush out superbly ... my only stumbling block is the final pressing stage. However, I have an inventive, ‘hands-on’, mechanically-minded brother. Excuse me whilst I make a call...


Neeta said...

Do make that call to your brother and let us know what works out :-) xxx

Solar Oven said...

Will do Neeta! Fx