Local, raw ice-cream!

I’ve finally had some ice-cream – my first of the summer, a little late but better than never I guess. I’m happy to report it’s a local affair too after being stupendously impressed by reading this.

The recipe? Nut milk from cobnuts (essentially cultivated hazelnuts), the juice from damsons (stone, pulverize in the Vita-mix and then strain through a sieve) and some local honey. Churn the mixture around in an ice-cream machine. For a creamier affair you can add some powdered lecithin (but of course that’s neither raw nor local) ...

My other ice-cream of the moment is fig (pictured). Rinse, snip the tops off, pulverize in the Vita-mix (include the skin, no need to strain this time) and like the above affair add honey and nut milk (the thicker and richer the better) and watch it c-h-u-r-n into iced heaven via the magic machine.


Neeta said...

I make raw ice creams with vita mix, but i think i'm going to buy an ice cream maker after reading your post!!!
can you recommend one that is good but not too expensive please??
love and xxx

Solar Oven said...

Hi Neeta, my machine - a Magimix 2200 - was a present, one that I am eternally grateful for when the desire for ice-cream hits home. Having just looked it up on the internet I'm shocked at its price! Why not see if you can pick up a second-hand machine on ebay? Love and xxx back to you!

Neeta said...

Thanks Fleur, I'll look into buying it as soon as I'm back in London....am so looking forward to raw ice creams :-)))) and specially your figs, honey and nut milk one!!!!