Colour therapy #1

I spent yesterday afternoon de-stalking elderberries (catch ‘em before the birds do ...) and gazing, meditating really, on their fantastic glossy colour. Ann Wigmore in Be Your Own Doctor writes so well about colour(s). ‘... I have seen colour have a marked effect upon the mentality not only of the wearer, but also upon those with whom the wearer comes in contact ... This is the age of colour in clothes and surroundings. The trend will help to lift humanity to the better things of life ... Purple gives relief from ... over-emotional disorders. Due to its hypnotic effect, one finds restful and relaxed sleep ... Indigo and violet are considered to be more spiritual than other colours ... When we eat any kind of food, we are actually eating colour from the sun. The chemicals and minerals are there because of the action of the colour in the sun’s rays. Of course, the minerals have to be in the soil and air or the colours could not make the plant grow. The guiding principle in diet should be to eat the finer kinds of foods as much as possible, in preference to the coarser foods, and to seek those foods that contain most of the cosmic solar energy’.

A word of warning: Elderberries are NOT berries to eat raw, as they contain traces of cyanide which cooking dispels. In sensitive people (and children), even the ripest, cooked berries could be a problem, so proceed with due care and caution.

Tenuous link (a purple background!) but doesn't it look like a yummy menu ...?

Oh, and for the record I did sleep very well last night ...

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