Easter Past

I haven’t written much recently, and suddenly Easter is upon us. As you all know, I’m a Buddhist. What you might not know is that I always give something up for Lent (and yes, I celebrate Christmas too). In the past I used to abstain from sugar and chocolate, but as I do that as a matter of course now, it was raw cacao on my hit list this year. It was fine, I had very few cravings, but it was nice to indulge again come Easter Sunday! In full confessional mode I should admit to a teeny tiny taster of the Raw Chocolate Company’s new Minted bar last w/end at Olympia’s Natural and Organic Products Show – very yummmm.

I’ve always found the Lent season a very reflective one . A post by Jeanette Winterson and the stories on The Forgiveness Project have literally moved me to tears. There’s something about looking back during this season that literally ‘springs’ you into the present in the most intense way.

The pictures are both from about a decade ago but seem equally suited to Easter present. The blossom trees framed my walk to work in Edinburgh, and the cat-flap (Easter for me is about the d-e-t-a-i-l) was in New York when I was in NoLita (no doubt on my way to the now sadly deceased Mayle) . I loved the fact that the cat-flap had its own mailbox!

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