Secret Messaging

I love the fact that people write me little ‘secret’ messages via this blog. I completely understand. I used to read various blogs avidly but felt too shy to even leave a message. I have gradually progressed over the last few years from leaving messages on favourite blogs to eventually writing an admittedly very non-personal and sporadic blog.

One of the recent ‘secret messages’ to me referred to the fact that many of the ‘juicy fruit’ I have listed on my side-bar no longer post or post very sporadically. I understand, being a sporadic blogger myself. Sometimes, indeed often, there is ‘life’ outside the blog that takes precedence, sometimes the blog is written to outline a specific experience, or sometimes a blog just feels too public. Much as I miss regular updates from some of my favourite bloggers – Shell and Neeta this means you – I love the fact that they’re clearly living their lives away from a computer screen.

Many of my ‘juicy fruit’ links wrote vividly about juice feasting at the beginning of the year. Once that experience finished, the blogging stopped. Are you like me though and miss their regular musings? Are you curious about whether the intense juice feasting aided a steady raw/high raw path, or did it lead to dietary fluctuations over the year? I miss the musings of Jack/Jill and Poppy particularly. How was the rest of 2008 for them? I’m so curious that I’m just about to leave messages on their blogs to say how much I miss their updates.

Another matter of curiosity: Nigel Slater’s Thirst. Such a great book on juicing combinations, but so little mention in the juice feasting world...

P.S. Poppy – this link is dedicated to you – I’m a fellow Levan fan ...


Poppy said...

Sweet Fleur,

I am so touched by this little post. It is funny, I discovered your blog through Shell's blog links and loved it straight away. It took a while for me to realise that it was you, the Fleur behind the magical posts.

I love your vision, your exquisite taste in all things pretty and the poise with which you write, and why I have not taken the time to voice my appreciation for your blog sooner, I don't know.

I am back in Paris, where I sell my raw chocolate, Poppy's Raw Chocolate and do raw catering.

I have always wondered about the face behind this blog and hope that one day we might meet for tea in Brighton (or Paris).

Thank you for the the lovely Levan link.

Big Kiss,


Solar Oven said...

Dearest Poppy,

You have made me blush! I have (almost) been left speechless by your lovely comments. I'm so happy to hear that you're back in Paris and in raw business no less. One of my favourite raw food moments was in Paris, munching white organic peaches at the Saturday organic market near Rome metro. Unbelievable. I try and make it there every July, so if we don't meet then, let's make a date to meet up in Brighton with Shell (and Neeta too) and eat some of the magical food she creates for Manna at some point in 2009. Love from one flower to another ... Fleur xx

Neeta said...

thank you very much.....
i'd love to meet you in brighton one day - lets see what this new year brings :-)
happy holidays and much much love to you.....
xxx neeta

Solar Oven said...

Aw Neeta, such sweet words. Yes, once you and Shell are both back from India, let's see if we can all meet, plus Poppy, in Brighton (or London!). Happy holidays and much love for the coming year ... Fleur xx